sercabe: Elfo (Shadow) → Level: 111 (ID: 4606)
Grupo: Gatos persas



Experience: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Physical power: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Physical skill: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Stamina: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Magic power: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Magic skill: ?? → Only for VIP users   
Magic resistance: ?? → Only for VIP users   
→ Tremor flag
Physical power:+115   
Physical skill:+170   
Magic power:+465   
Magic skill:+495   
Magic resistance:+495   
→ Bright shield
Physical power:+195   
Physical skill:+215   
Magic power:+195   
Magic skill:+215   
Magic resistance:+545   
→ Dyksa, elf warrior
Physical power:+325   
Physical skill:+300   
Magic power:+95   
Magic skill:+95   
Magic resistance:+275   
Cost per day:480
→ Wild horse from the mountains
Physical power:+16   
Magic power:+16   
Magic resistance:+12   
Save on trips:55s.   
Cost per day:50

Tocapelotitas oficial del reino.

Fuerza física: 467.0
Destreza física: 2890.0
Resistencia: 14.0
Poder mágico: 1387.0
Habilidad mágica: 8558.0
Contraconjuros: 26.0

Fuerza física: 605.0
Destreza física: 3704.0
Resistencia: 14.0
Poder mágico: 1801.0
Habilidad mágica: 11000.0
Contraconjuro: 26.0

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